Jun 11, 2007

Meet with developer of Madison and Union Street projects

On Tuesday, June 19, at 6 P.M., Jim Mueller, who proposes to develop the site of the former Coleman Building (at 23rd and E. Union) will meet with us to talk about that site and other locations in the area that he proposes to develop, including a site on E. Madison St (2051 E. Madison) where the "Twilight Exit" is presently located.

The meeting will be from 6 to ~ 9 PM at the Central Cinema (1411 21st Avenue), and light refreshments will be served.

These sites are key to the Central Area and East Madison Street redevelopments and this meeting is an opportunity to talk to the developer and members of the design team in a more informal setting with more opportunity for exchange of ideas and information than the DPD early design guidance meeting for the 23rd & Union project (which is scheduled for June 27.). Such "pre-meetings" worked well for the Safeway development, and I encourage you to participate.

As I noted earlier:

I might add that I have been extremely impressed with Jim Mueller, a developer who's involved both in the Madison corridor and the 23rd & Union area. He's met with many of us, turned up at a neighborhood cleanup, and is clearly sensitive to many of our issues as well as those of others in the area. He's selected an architecture firm that we've had positive experiences with, and I think we'll all enjoy working with him to guide our neighborhood in its inevitable redevelopment.

If some of the text here seems more cogent than normal, it may be because I'm blatantly plagiarizing the Squire Park group's announcement of the meeting, though I could not resist putting my oar in to undo some of their good work.

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